How Johnstone Odessa Increased Online Sales by 300% with Prokeep’s Broadcast Text Messaging

Johnstone Odessa is your one-stop shop for unitary and specialty equipment, repair and replacement parts, and more. But a growing distribution business presents several challenges, whether it’s scheduling delivery routes, sending notifications, or just getting in touch in a timely manner. That’s why Joel Rhodes, operations manager, implemented Prokeep

Prokeep connects text, email, and fax into one easy-to-use dashboard so employees can attend to customers right from their counter computers. With features like broadcast text messaging at Johnstone Odessa, Prokeep made getting work done simple.

Streamlining Deliveries with Prokeep’s Broadcast Text Messaging

Before Prokeep, it wasn’t always easy to keep customers in the loop. As business got busier, scheduling delivery routes became more challenging. Without having an easy means to alert customers of deliveries, drivers at Johnstone Odessa were taking suboptimal routes and not always being fuel efficient. 

That’s why Joel knew they needed Broadcast Text Messaging. Prokeep’s Broadcast Text Messaging feature allowed his team to send mass alerts to large populations of customers right from their counter computers.

This way, they could alert customers with just the press of a button, nailing down an easy route without ever stopping what they were doing.

More Business with Efficient Deliveries and Order Status Updates 

Using Broadcast Text Messaging not only resulted in more efficiency for deliveries but also created more transparency into order status for the customer. Employees were able to alert customers that orders needed to be in by a certain time and send a reminder 15 minutes before. 

Customers then received an automated text notification from the POS system through Prokeep that their orders were out for delivery, keeping them informed of order status without creating an additional lift for employees. This made buying with Johnstone Odessa an even better experience — resulting in more business. 

“What you can say to that is customer satisfaction…. which equates to customers doing more business with you. What we find is on our deliveries, more and more customers are doing a tremendous amount of business with us.” - Joel Rhodes, Operations Manager, Johnstone Odessa


Better Marketing Efforts with Broadcast Text Messaging

Broadcast Text Messaging also opened doors for better marketing. By sending a Broadcast Text Message, team members could market new products, event promotions, and online specials, enticing customers to spend. 

This is an easy way to increase sales and engage with customers. By investing in your SMS marketing strategies, you’re taking advantage of every opportunity to profit, whether that’s in-store or online. 

Optimizing E-Commerce and Scaling Business with Prokeep

Distributors like Joel have been riding the digital wave, seeing the immense profit potential of digital channels. “We’re trying to put all of our resources into the online sales product because it’s just one more salesperson that sits there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” Joel told us. With Prokeep making it easy to engage with customers, Johnstone Odessa exponentially grew its online sales. 

“It has helped on our online sales as well. We’ve seen our online sales increase about 300% over the last year.” - Joel Rhodes, Operations Manager, Johnstone Odessa.

With its easy-to-use communication solutions, Prokeep is powering distributors to innovate their businesses, do more with less, and drive customer satisfaction. 

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