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Key Benefits for Marketing

Make sure customers never miss out on important updates or special offers! With the ability to proactively message multiple customers at once - and allow them to reply back to you - Prokeep helps marketing and sales deliver messages in a handy, personal way that not only gets more views but also starts the conversations your loyal relationships are built upon.

More Engagement

No more forgotten voicemails, unread emails, or wasted dollars on last-minute digital marketing promotions. Send contractors timely text messages; not only do they have a 98% open rate, but they also give your customers the opportunity to text back and start the type of conversation that relationships are built upon.

More Opportunities

Have a contractor’s information from a previous one-off purchase or a referral? Send them a proactive message about new inventory, a special offer, or a company incentive offer to generate continued brand awareness.

More Delight

Automate order updates, text pictures of inventory, and delight customers with personalized follow-up messages after a pickup. Using Prokeep for extra special touches increases customer loyalty and gives you an edge over big-box competitors.

Melissa Parker
“Prokeep offers us the ability to better understand our customers' needs through the use of faster contact and job site pictures. Giving them this convenient option for communication has increased our ability to meet their demands without interrupting the fast-paced nature of their own work days.”
Melissa Parker, Media Coordinator, Winsupply of Indianapolis
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“With Prokeep, we are much more efficient with our proactive outreach to customers, and it is easy to track and monitor from a management standpoint. We have more visibility into our customer communication which allows us to pull and push on the appropriate drivers to increase sales. The Prokeep system itself is simple to use, and implementation was painless.”
Melanie Cochran, VP of Operations, Hawkins HVAC Distributors
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Top Advantages for Marketing

One-to-many messaging & reply

With Announcements, you can write, schedule and, deliver a text message to all of your customers at once or to segmented lists for a more tailored outreach initiative. Send promos, inventory updates, incentive programs, or discount codes to your contact base with the confidence that your marketing messages are being read.

Start conversations from your website

Prokeep integrates with your website so that as contractors visit your site for store info, inventory updates, or to navigate your e-commerce store, they can start a conversation with your counter sales team for an easier, more personalized experience.

Connect your tech stack to trigger communications

Leverage the power of your ERP, CRM, and other core technologies by connecting them with Prokeep’s messaging platform. Once your tech stack is integrated, you will be able to send automated messages based on order updates, sync contact records, and more.

More Prokeep Features You’ll Love

Easy-to-use reporting and analytics

Generate analytics on text threads opened/closed, response times, and more to get statistics on ROI, usage, and opportunities for growth in future campaigns and training initiatives.

Easy onboarding and free support

When you sign on with Prokeep you will receive personalized training from a dedicated customer success manager who will guide you through use cases and will be a call away for any questions you may have going forward.

Free marketing support to drive adoption

Prokeep is dedicated to helping you get your customers excited about texting. Our team has undergone thousands of technology implementations and has collected digital collateral and strategies that are at your fingertips to maximize time-to-value for your marketing efforts with Prokeep.

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