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Engage your target audience with a consistent customer experience across their preferred channels - text, email, fax, or web chat. Prokeep is a conversation-based platform that turns communication into commerce so you can keep customers coming back.


At Prokeep, we're passionate about empowering distributors, wholesalers, and retailers alike to thrive in an ever-evolving market. Our low-cost, conversation-based platform serves as a conduit for seamless communication across diverse distribution channels, from retail stores to burgeoning e-commerce platforms. 

By leveraging innovative marketing strategies and harnessing the power of technology, we equip businesses with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the supply chain and engage their target audience effectively. 

Key benefits for marketing teams

Make sure your customers never miss out. With the ability to proactively message customers en masse - and allow them to reply back - Prokeep takes your marketing engine to the next level.


More Engagement

98% of text messages are read and responded to in 3-5 minutes. No more guessing if customers and leads are getting your message.

With Prokeep, connect with your target audience through different channels, including text, email, and web chat. Leverage our intuitive platform to deliver targeted messages to distributors, retailers, intermediaries, and end consumers, ensuring no opportunity goes unnoticed. With a staggering 98% open rate for text messages, seize the moment to captivate your audience and ignite meaningful conversations that foster brand loyalty in purchase decisions.

More Sales Opportunities

Use templates and schedule broadcast text promotions as drip campaigns to increase the visibility and engagement of your marketing messages.

Revolutionize your marketing campaigns with Prokeep's innovative features, including customizable templates and scheduled broadcast promotions. Use templates and schedule broadcast text promotions as drip campaigns to increase the visibility and engagement of your marketing messages. Tailor your outreach efforts to resonate with diverse demographics and marketplaces, maximizing visibility and engagement. Whether you're executing intensive distribution strategies or exploring new markets through e-commerce platforms, Prokeep equips you with the tools to drive sales and seize every opportunity for growth.


More Delight

Automate follow-up messages to customers that convert to keep your business top-of-mind and increase brand loyalty.

Delight your customers with personalized follow-up messages that nurture relationships and reinforce brand affinity. Automate communication processes to stay top-of-mind and bolster brand loyalty, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of customers' minds. With Prokeep, transform every interaction into an opportunity to delight customers and leave a lasting impression that drives repeat business and referrals.

Embrace the future of marketing in the distribution landscape with Prokeep and unlock unparalleled opportunities for success.



[There are] potentially 20 instances daily that Prokeep has saved about $300 on average. That is $6,000 a day!

Joel Rhodes

Admin - Johnstone Odessa


"Calling every customer when 12,000 orders arrive is not an option. Prokeep cuts down that time and bridges that gap."

Corey Fehribach

Manager of Operational Excellence - Yancey Bros.


ProKeep has allowed us to provide outstanding customer service and reach more of our market faster than I ever anticipated.

John Crognate

Regional Branch Manager - APR Supply

One-to-many messaging and reply

Experience the power of streamlined communication with Prokeep's one-to-many messaging feature, designed to elevate your outreach initiatives across multiple distribution channels. With the ability to write, schedule, and deliver text messages to your entire customer base or segmented lists, Prokeep empowers marketing teams to amplify their reach and engagement effortlessly, whether you’re marketing through Amazon, social media, in-store, or from a direct channel. 

Efficiently engage with distributors, retailers, resellers, and end consumers alike, ensuring no opportunity for connection goes untapped. Seamlessly integrate Prokeep into your marketing mix to execute targeted campaigns, drive brand awareness, and foster meaningful interactions with your customer base. Whether you're promoting exclusive deals through selective distribution channels or nurturing relationships through personalized messaging, Prokeep equips you with the tools to navigate the dynamic landscape of modern marketing and emerge victorious in the digital age.


Start conversations from your website

Prokeep integrates with your website so that, as contractors visit your site for store info, inventory updates, or to navigate your e-commerce store, they can start a conversation with your counter sales team for an easier, more personalized experience. As contractors navigate your e-commerce store or seek online shopping information, Prokeep empowers them to effortlessly initiate conversations with your counter sales team. By integrating our platform with your website, you transform static web pages into dynamic engagement hubs, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Prokeep helps forge meaningful connections and partnerships, all while delivering exceptional customer experiences across every touchpoint.

More key benefits you’ll love

Unlock the full potential of your distribution strategy with Prokeep's array of supplementary advantages. Seamlessly connect to your existing tech stack, leveraging the power of integrated solutions to optimize operations and enhance efficiency. Benefit from built-in CRM and reporting functionalities, providing invaluable insights into customer interactions and campaign performance. Plus, enjoy complimentary marketing support to drive platform adoption and maximize your ROI. With Prokeep, empower your business to thrive in today's competitive landscape by harnessing innovative tools and strategies to reach your target audience effectively and drive sustainable growth.


Connect to your tech stack

Leverage the power of your core technologies by connecting them with Prokeep.


Built-in CRM and reporting

Leverage the power of your core technologies by connecting them with Prokeep.


Free marketing support to drive adoption

Leverage the power of your core technologies by connecting them with Prokeep.

Unlock Success With Prokeep

Prokeep stands as your trusted partner in modernizing product distribution channels and strengthening customer relationships. With our conversation-based platform and innovative features, businesses can navigate the dynamic landscape of the construction industry with confidence and agility. From increasing engagement and sales opportunities to fostering delightful customer experiences, Prokeep empowers you to drive revenue growth and build lasting connections. Unlock unparalleled success with Prokeep.

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