Empowering Distributors to Win

We’re on a mission to modernize and strengthen the relationships that are the fabric of the construction industry and the backbone of the built world we live in every day.

From homes and offices to museums, schools, storefronts and more, we believe the buildings around us reflect the story of our times. And we’re honored to support the flow of communications in the construction industry that allows this story to come to life.


Our origin and inspiration

Founded in 2016, Prokeep was born out of an excitement to learn firsthand, a desire to create, and a genuine admiration for the people and relationships that are the lifeblood of the construction industry.

As new homeowners, our founders noticed their most resourceful contractors would text the personal cell phone of their distributor's rep for part availability or technical help. While the intention was to get the job done more efficiently and cost-effectively, sometimes the distributor rep wasn't available because he was in the warehouse, out to lunch, or worse, out sick! They stepped back and said, there has to be a better way.

Learning from distributors

Jack and McKay spent years at distributors' counters listening to their struggles and began to obsess over how they could add value to the already strong relationship between a distributor and their customers. In the beginning, Jack and McKay would spend most of their time building relationships with and collecting information from distributors while Mark built the prototype for what would become Prokeep.

Through their counter visits, one thing began to stand out, the yellow notepad. It became a ubiquitous term for inefficiency. Counter reps would field phone calls while putting others on hold, while contractors would be sitting on the stool in front of them having a conversation, and then the kicker, contractors would also be texting the counter reps' personal phone numbers. All of this information, comes in at once across multiple channels, and it’s all being scribbled down on a yellow notepad in front of them; impermanent, unorganized, and illegible to anyone else. The rest is history...

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Commitment to distributors and their future.

As the company grows, Jack, Mark, and McKay have turned to empowering their teams with a great culture, a clear purpose, and a vision of the future. But, with one eye set on the future, they have made sure that the foundation of the product remains true to its original philosophy, completely focused on the user — that person sitting behind the counter — taking their feedback, implementing it, and making their day easier. The future of Prokeep is looking to provide even more value to the construction industry by continuing to help provide more and more solutions to distributors' problems by asking them directly.

Don't just take our word for it.


"Prokeep's customer service is top-notch! You guys are on it and it is extremely appreciated."

Kurt Parker

Sales & Operations Manager - Fuseco


"I have to say I'm surprised at how quickly some of the more "experienced" guys adopted this, it really speaks to how intuitive this is."

Mike Leoanrd

Admin - Morton Grove Supply Co.


"Prokeep has been phenomenal. It's the best investment this company can make. How did you guys come up with this?"

Gary Wilcox

Branch Manager - Wolseley

What We Believe


Our leadership and team

While our team is a diverse bunch hailing from all around the country, a common thread unites us: we’re relationship-oriented, tenacious problem solvers and innovators who are happiest when our customers are happy.

Jack Carrere

Co Founder and CEO

Recovering consultant with a passion for New Orleans and her food, drink, and fun.

McKay Johnson

Co Founder and COO

Rode a horse across Kyrgyzstan.

Mark Kanof

Co Founder and CTO

I build houses and code.

Bryan Hjelm

VP of Product

Passionate about product/UX, home improvement projects, playing golf. Average at Wordle. Always up for a hike or a spontaneous adventure. Proud and dedicated girl dad.

Steven Brezina

VP of Systems & Services

If you don’t find him fishing on the Oregon coast or jogging you will likely find him inside the Prokeep engine room - tinkering, or napping there.

Derek Halpern

VP of Sales

Passionate about leadership, travel adventure, anything fitness related and competition. Recently completed 3 half marathons on 3 consecutive days at three national parks. My family is my WHY!


Ang Anastasakis

VP of Customer Success

Passionate about creating amazing customer experiences and empowering her team. Outside of work, Ang enjoys family, friends, volunteering and hiking the beautiful PNW. Whether running, reading with a cat on her lap or planning new adventures, she enthusiastically embraces life!

Bradford Walker

VP of Finance

Builds businesses and juggles fire in New Orleans while leveraging his prior experiences as a SaaS CFO, data center developer, concert promoter, sweet potato butter purveyor, Indian auto-ricksaw adventurer, and guy that drove Ludacris to the airport once.

Eddie Menkhorst

VP of Rev Ops

Trust, consistency, results, and fun drives his work and life. Passionate to a flaw about competition, craves traveling, can get overly excited about a night on the town or a road trip, and loves spending time with family at home.

Tripp Millican

VP of Engineering

When not working, Tripp can be found writing, watching terrible movies, traveling, and playing board games.

Brooks Young

Director of Growth Marketing

Marketer by day - novice contractor by hobby. Can be found chasing live music, redfish or his two little girls.

Kristen Augustine

Head of People Ops

Once poisoned herself by drinking too much kale juice. Can generally be found doing yoga, enjoying a cocktail, or counting down the days till Mardi Gras starts.

Brandi McDonald

Director of Customer Success

Often spotted hiking in the north Georgia mountains with her family.

Bond Lengsfield

Director of Sales

An avid supporter of a well-crafted sandwich, properly-weighted cocktail, comfortable athleisure and, most of all, his growing family.