About Prokeep

We’re on a mission to modernize and strengthen the relationships that are the fabric of the construction industry and the backbone of the built-world we live in every day.

From homes and offices to museums, schools, storefronts and more, we believe the buildings around us reflect the story of our times. And we’re honored to support the flow of communications in the construction industry that allows this story to come to life.

Our origin and inspiration

Founded in 2016, Prokeep was born out of an excitement to learn firsthand, a desire to create, and a genuine admiration for the people and relationships that are the lifeblood of the construction industry. As new homeowners, our founders noticed their most resourceful contractors would text the personal cell phone of their distributors rep for part availability or technical help. While the intention was to get the job done more efficiently and cost effectively, sometimes the distributor rep wasn't available because he was in the warehouse, out to lunch, or worse-out sick! They stepped back and said, there has to be a better way.

They interviewed the full spectrum of invisible, unsung doers involved in the end-to-end process, and discovered that using a texting platform to simplify communication would be a win-win for all involved. Better communications would mean a better workflow, better service, better tangible results and happier customers all around. And so Prokeep was born.

Our momentum and vision

Fast forward to today and Prokeep is now proud to serve distributors of all sizes and be endorsed by many of the major buying groups and trade associations. More than half a million messages are exchanged every month on our platform, representing hundreds of thousands orders placed, inventory confirmed, and customers talking shop and just saying “hi.” We stay in close touch with our customers to make sure we evolve our product thoughtfully. Every day we show up inspired to serve those customers and to simplify communications for everyone, everywhere in the construction industry.  Our hope? That someday Prokeep will allow anyone, anywhere in the construction world to exchange the info they need to build a piece of today…and a tangible, lasting legacy for tomorrow.

Our leadership and team

While our team is a diverse bunch hailing from all around the country, a common thread unites us: we’re relationship- oriented, tenacious problem solvers and innovators who are happiest when our customers are happy.

Jack Carrere

Recovering consultant with a passion for New Orleans and her food, drink, and fun.

McKay Johnson

Rode a horse across Kyrgyzstan.

Mark Kanof

I build houses and code.

Brandi McDonald

Director of Customer Success
Often spotted hiking in the north Georgia mountains with her rescue dog Rocko.

Steven Brezina

Director of Engineering
If you don’t find him fishing on the Oregon coast or jogging you will likely find him inside the Prokeep engine room - tinkering, or napping there.

Bond Lengsfield

Director of Sales
An avid supporter of a well-crafted sandwich, properly-weighted cocktail, comfortable athleisure and, most of all, his growing family.

Mike Mercuri

Head of Operations
Process enthusiast, dashboard builder, off-road unicyclist, and cheese steak connoisseur.

Kristen Augustine

Director of People Ops
Once poisoned herself by drinking too much kale juice. Can generally be found doing yoga, enjoying a cocktail, or counting down the days till Mardi Gras starts.

Jhané Wilcox

Director of Marketing
I am a Pinterest addict and use it to plan everything from renovations to birthday parties.
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