Sell more plumbing supplies. Without more phone calls.

Prokeep arms your team with a shared inbox for inbound and outbound communication that frees up phone lines, streamlines sales, and records customer history in one centralized dashboard for supercharged sales enablement.


Plumbing distributors trust Prokeep to grow customer relationships


Why over 1,000 distribution companies like yours love Prokeep


Stop Missing Calls & Losing Orders

Free up phone lines by letting customers text, email, and web chat your counter reps — all in one easy-to-use dashboard.


Don't Lose Customers During Staff Turnover

When customers text your counter rep's personal phone, you lose control of that relationship. With Prokeep, all conversation history is recorded in one place for security and efficiency.


Stop Wasting Time Decoding Unclear Orders

Whether it's a whatchamacallit or a long SKU, customer explanations take time and cause mistakes. Let customers send a picture of what they're talking about and save hours.


Don't Be Harder To Do Business With Than Your Competitors

If your competitors are easier to do business with, your customers will buy from them to save more time. Be the supplier that's easy to do business with by giving them easier ways to buy.

"We've got everybody at 120 facilities on Prokeep. It allows our customer service staff to respond in a very, very quick manner and keep it uniform across our company."

Bruce Haberman
Southern Pipe & Supply

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The Prokeep Solution

Create & respond to customer texts from your counter computers

Optimizing staff productivity will empower your sales team to make more sales in less time while creating a better customer experience.


Automate order update text messages through your ERP

Save even more time and keep your customers up-to-date with automatic, responsive texts alerting them of their order status, delivery updates, or pickup instructions by connecting Prokeep to your ERP or CRM.

No communication silos. No missing records. No mistakes.

Prokeep keeps a record of every text conversation between your customers and team. No more “he-said, she-said” — your customer conversation history is captured verbatim and lives on forever, allowing you to readily see and reconfirm the facts.


Make more sales and receive payments faster

With Prokeep’s centralized communication platform, your sales team can manage more orders, leverage customer data for bigger opportunities, and use Prokeep Collect to receive payments faster.

Plumbing distributors are growing with Prokeep


"We're able to meet the customers wherever they are. So if they want to come into the branch and place their order in person, if they want to text the order, if they want to place the order online, we can satisfy all those different customer types."

Seth Gordon

CEO - Thrifty Supply Co.


"Prokeep has been a big benefit for both our customers and inside sales staff. We have reduced phone time, get clearer more accurate customer requests that can include pictures, and have seen an increase in overall customer satisfaction."

Pete Misiewicz

VP of IT - Thos. Somerville Co.


“Prokeep has been a great addition to our customer service tools. It works well, is easy to use and even the customers like it. Being able to send and receive pictures has made working out problems much easier. I will highly recommend anyone to start using it.”

Robin Matti

President - Gillette Contractors Supply

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