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Key Benefits for Owners and Operations

Contractors are likely already texting your staff on their cell phones. Prokeep lets you manage and capture those conversations in one centralized platform, giving you a searchable record of conversations. Generate easy-to-monitor reports to understand how many conversations your team is having with customers, how long it takes them to respond to inbound texts, and other metrics to reveal how efficiently your team is serving customers.

Time Savings

Prokeep users report saving an average of 9 hours a month per user. That means more time for your team to serve more customers, tackle admin tasks, and send proactive outreach to customers. Plus, an estimated $2,000 savings per month on staffing needs.


Prokeep eliminates silos between your staff’s cell phones and your branch number. By text-enabling your branch line, Prokeep gives every contractor the convenience of texting your counter. It also allows for Internal Messaging, giving your team a designated space for dialogue.


No more “he-sad, she-said.” Prokeep keeps a searchable record of every conversation between your team and customers, so if there is a disagreement or confusion about an order, you can look up the conversation using keywords for documentation and clarification.

Tom Weinrich photo
“Prokeep has been a game changer in our business. Our customers say our service level has jumped exponentially due to being able to send pictures back and forth along with continuing to be productive and not waiting on hold during the high volume periods of the season.”
Tom Weinrich, President/Owner, Denver Winair
Robin Matti photo
“Prokeep has been a great addition to our customer service tools. It works well, is easy to use and even the customers like it. Being able to send and receive pictures has made working out problems much easier. I will highly recommend anyone to start using it.”
Robin Matti, President, Gillette Contractors Supply
Frank Ryan
“As a business owner, I am all about having the latest technology. This was one of the simplest implementations we have done, and the results are instantaneous. Selfishly I don’t want my competitors to know about it, but I want Prokeep to succeed.”
Frank Ryan, CEO, Ryan Building Products
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Top Advantages for Owners and Operations

Easy to use reporting & analytics

Prokeep comes stocked with an easy-to-navigate dashboard so you can track customer interactions and how quickly your team is taking care of customers. These reports can identify top performers on your team for easy recognition. Use these for 30/60/90 day reviews to keep your team well-oiled and working to better build relationships.

Photo sharing = saved money & time

Prokeep lets customers snap a picture of a part number, list, or technical document and text it over to your branch number. Your team can then adjust and annotate the picture for clarity so that your customers are always getting exactly what they asked for This avoids miscommunications over the phone (“I said ‘D’ not ‘B!’”) that can cost you thousands of dollars when you need to comp a purchase to save a relationship.

Simple setup with free training & support

Prokeep doesn’t require special hardware or hosted software, and IT involvement is optional. We built Prokeep as a tailored solution for distributors who need something easy to use, quick to deploy, and effective at delivering value to your customers. We get Prokeep up and running quickly from installation to training. You’ll also have a dedicated success manager standing by to field any questions thereafter.

More Prokeep Features You’ll Love

Send announcements to customers and colleagues

Send one text to all of your contacts or segmented lists to promote new inventory, incentive programs, or a sudden change in store hours.

Connect to other systems like an ERP

Prokeep integrates with your other critical systems like ERPs and CRMs to help you sync contacts across all platforms and deliver automated text messages like order updates.

Access Prokeep on the go

The Prokeep Mobile App lets you oversee communications between your employees and customers while you’re on the go. Plus, with automated away messages, you can set expectations for your customers and team on when texts should be handled.

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