Make your technologies work even harder

Prokeep provides an Open API and IT services to help you solve your unique use cases. From single sign-on to integrating with homespun software, Prokeep is built for you.


Fuel innovation with full connectivity

Want better customer service with less time spent? Prokeep’s Messaging API links your critical systems to sync and track important data like contact information and customer orders, and is designed with flexibility to meet your unique needs.


Top Advantages


Connect critical software

Integrate Prokeep with your other operational systems so that important data and customer information is synced everywhere as it comes in.

Automated order updates & receipts

Automatically send customers notification texts after an order is confirmed, in transit, delivered, and/or dropped off at a locker or will call location.

Integration support

Receive support from our engineering team to solve for your unique use case or specialized functionality requests.

Explore other features that compliment the Open API


Prokeep Collect

Get paid faster, make more sales, and keep records of payment conversation history across text, email, web chat, and fax, all in one place.


Prokeep CRM

Optimize your sales process by using customer text, email, web chat, and payment conversation records directly stored and kept up to date.


Web Chat

Let customers submit questions, orders, and updates from any page on your website directly to the counter with flexible messaging via live chat or chat-to-text.

Supercharge your tech stack with superior communication

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