Leverage the Power of Business Chat, Seamlessly Integrated with Your Communications Stack

Want to bring customer service to the next level on your website? Let your website visitors start conversations directly with the counter.


Convert website traffic into sales

Start conversations and capture new leads directly from your company’s website. With Web Chat, you’ll be able to reach DIY customers browsing your website, customers that look you up in need of materials from their nearest distributor, or deliver e-commerce help. Capture these leads and start building that personal relationship that sets your business apart.


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Top Advantages


Connect with customer on your website

Capture leads from your website that need help, have questions, or want to connect with you at the counter.

Capture DIY-ers and new customers

Provide professional advice and establish technical leadership in your area to new contractors, homeowners, small business owners, and the DIY construction crowd.  

E-commerce conversation tool

Bring personal communication to your e-comm site to connect new technologies with the 1-to-1 relationship that contractors love about your business.

Explore other features that compliment Web Chat


Broadcast Text Promotions

Broadcast messages to all of your customers or curated lists to keep relevant contacts informed on promotions, events, and hours changes.


Open API

Connect 3rd party software and homespun systems to Prokeep to trigger automated messages, sync contact data, and more to make your software even more efficient.


Mobile App

Access Prokeep’s messaging platform from anywhere and on the go to snap and send pictures or simply respond to your customers faster.

Centralize communication with an omichannel workspace

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