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Key Benefits for Counter and Outside Sales

By text enabling your branch phone number, Prokeep gives contractors the ability to send text messages and pictures to the number they already know. Those texts go to a centralized platform so you and your team can manage communications more effectively and save time. Make your job easier and build stronger relationships with customers to ensure they keep coming back and you get the credit.

Save Time

Counter sales reps that use Prokeep report saving an average of 9 hours a month. With less time asking customers to repeat serial numbers, putting calls on hold, and trying to figure out what a “thing-a-ma-jig” is, you're able to spend more time where it counts.

Get Clarity

Put an end to the guessing game of whether or not your customer has heard the voicemail you left or if/when they will call you back. Follow-up your calls with a text message and quickly get clear confirmation that your message was received.

Reduce Errors

Ever mistook an “n” for an “m” when a customer calls in a part number, or gotten in a pickle with a customer who claims one thing while your co-worker wrote down another? With Prokeep, pictures and conversations are recorded so you can avoid having to play “he-said, she-said” or track down proof from personal phones.

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“Prokeep is working great for us!", "It has absolutely helped streamline things for us, especially in the summer when we are getting a ton of phone calls. It is a great option for our customers to easily text in orders/requests, and we can reply with photos of products or links to products to better serve them.”
Michael Bonar, Counter Sales, Denali Industrial Supply
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“Prokeep eliminates miscommunication that happens so often with verbal orders. With Prokeep, customers can send pictures of model and serial numbers so we get orders right 100% of the time.”
Eric Schmidt, Counter Sales, Mar-Hy Distributors
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Top Advantages for Sales

No need to give out personal phone numbers

With Prokeep, contractors can text your main branch line so all text conversations are centralized and can be managed by whoever is available at the counter. 
Have a personal relationship with your customer? When you claim a text, the customer on the other end will get notified that you’re the one texting with them.

Send and receive pictures

Prokeep lets you and your customers share pictures of a part number, list, technical document, etc. All picture texts go directly to their contact thread at your counter computer. Easily zoom, rotate, edit, and annotate pictures for clarity and keep the conversation going.

Take Prokeep on-the-go

Need to be on your feet checking inventory or hit the road to meet with customers? With the Prokeep Mobile App, you can continue conversations when you can’t be at the counter and make it even easier to send picture messages straight from your phone.

More Prokeep Features You’ll Love

Send announcements to customers and colleagues

Send one text to all of your contacts or segmented lists to promote new inventory, incentive programs, or a sudden change in store hours.

Keep team conversations centralized

With Internal Messaging, you can also have conversations with your co-workers in Prokeep to answer questions, help with customers, and facilitate training.

Help customers on your website

Connect Prokeep to your company website so you can facilitate and capture conversations with customers searching your site for online purchases, store information, or inventory questions.

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