Prokeep CRM

Leverage customer data to optimize sales processes, keep accurate records, and build stronger customer relationships.


Harness the power of centralized records

Optimize your sales process by using customer text, email, web chat, and payment conversation records directly stored and kept up to date through Prokeep’s built-in CRM. Use commonly purchased items, outreach templates, and the Prokeep "Dibs" feature to strengthen customer relationships and create more up-sell opportunities.


Top Advantages


Centralized Communication Records

Gain insights on customer records from text, email, webchat, and payment communication to add more data behind proactive outreach — providing a better customer experience and faster sales.


Use priority notifications to automate communication flows to dedicated account reps. They'll have first claim to a customer's text, email, or webchat in their Prokeep inbox so they can build on their existing relationship.

Customer Service Reporting

Leverage data on your customer communication and account rep service by building reports on things like messaging frequency, last engagement dates, average response times, and more.

Explore other features that compliment Prokeep CRM


Branch Texting

Let contractors send text messages and pictures to the same number they’ve been calling for years so you can deliver optimal customer service and make sales faster.


Prokeep Collect

Get paid faster, make more sales, and keep records of payment conversation history across text, email, web chat, and fax, all in one place.


Broadcast Text Promotions

Broadcast messages to all of your customers or curated lists to keep relevant contacts informed on promotions, events, and hours changes.

More customer insights,
more sales opportunities

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