How Truckworx Prevented Lost Business with Prokeep

Founded in 1978, Truckworx is a family-owned commercial truck and trailer dealer spanning 20 locations. And no matter the channel, Truckworx sales reps have deep relationships with customers, sometimes lasting 20 years or more.

However, relying just on siloed communication channels made managing customer relationships difficult. If employees were unavailable, it wasn't optimal for getting a quick response.  

That’s why they implemented Prokeep. We got to sit down with Susan Dunn, Truckworx’s Corporate Inventory Control Manager, who shared with us how Prokeep’s centralized communication empowered them to break down siloes, save time, and strengthen their relationships. 



Breaking Down Siloes with Prokeep’s Centralized Inbox

Customer relationships at Truckworx have always been strong, but for a long time, they relied on employees' personal phones. This meant that if the team member a customer was used to dealing with was out, they would not be taken care of. 

“We have a lot of salespeople who have worked with customers 15, 20, 25 years,” Susan told us. “They are on a very personal level; they call each other on their personal cell phones, they text each other, they Facebook message. The problem comes in when that person is on vacation… that leaves those customers without someone they can reach out to.” And worse, if a salesperson left, that relationship was gone.

Since implementing Prokeep, a centralized communication software that connects text, email, and fax to the counter computer or mobile phone, employees at Truckworx have had visibility into customer conversations, and if someone is out, anyone can jump in and help. 

More Sales and Better Marketing with Prokeep’s Broadcast Text Messaging

In addition to owning every business relationship, Truckworx was able to boost engagement and strengthen marketing efforts through Prokeep’s Broadcast Text Messaging Feature. Prokeep empowered their team to send mass updates to customers with just the press of a button—this way, they could easily notify customers of promotions, changes in hours, or more!

This resulted in better information sharing and, most importantly, more sales.

“Our Tuscaloosa store, for example, rolled out a def fluid special. It’s a very low-cost item, but they sold several hundred of them within an hour. “ - Susan Dunn, Corporate Inventory Control Manager, Truckworx

Saving Time with Prokeep

More communication channels meant more time saved. Prokeep’s centralized inbox, equipped with text, email, and fax, enabled Truckworx employees to attend to customers in a fraction of the time. 

“Calling and requesting a purchase order, those sorts of things. You can do it in a text and go about your business.” Susan said. “That 3-second message is a lot quicker than picking up the phone and calling and then possibly getting stuck on the phone for 10 or 15 minutes.” 

With Prokeep’s easy-to-use conversation hub, the team at Truckworx broke down relationship siloes and served more customers, all while making doing business easy. 

If you’re looking to boost sales and strengthen your relationships, see how Prokeep will work for you! 

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