Are Marketing Emails falling flat? Use Prokeep to Send Promotional Text Messages with the Click of a Button

If you’re not sending out promotions, you’re missing opportunities to make sales – but alerting large populations of customers can be incredibly time-consuming. Manually entering information and sending out messages to individuals not only takes hours but opens a lot of possibilities for errors.


Making sales with broadcast text messaging

According to Forbes, SMS marketing messages have an open rate of up to 98%, and a response rate of 45%, indicating the wide majority of messages sent are not only opened but read by the recipient. This is staggering compared to email marketing efforts which have an open rate of 21% and a response rate of 2%! 

Through broadcast text messaging, industry leaders are creating opportunities for sales right from the customer’s mobile phone. Broadcast text messaging enables you to alert customers of promotions or inventory updates with just the press of a button. And unlike traditional sms marketing tools, Prokeep messages are conversational; meaning your customers can reply to a broadcast text to start a conversation with the team they know.

Prokeep is a communication software that connects text, email, and fax into one easily accessible workspace, making it easy for you to send out mass alerts in a matter of seconds.

Easy ways to make sales with Prokeep’s broadcast messaging feature

Industry-leading distributors are using Prokeep’s broadcast messaging feature to create additional opportunities to do business by: 

    • Sending out promotions - With Prokeep, you can easily send out promotions to large populations of customers, keeping them informed and your business top of mind. 
    • Sharing brand new items - Quickly let your customers of new products that they don’t want to miss.
    • Alerting customers of new deals on old inventory - If you have old inventory you need to clear out, with Prokeep, you can let your customers know of any flash sales or last-call opportunities to make purchases.
    • Alerting customers of changes in store hours - with the press of a button you can notify your customers of any changes to your typical store hours.

How Distributors are boosting sales with broadcast text messaging

Corey Feihbrach from Yancey Bros. quickly boosted sales by using broadcast messaging to alert thousands of customers of their order status. 

The Prokeep Solution

Prokeep is an innovative customer experience management software that connects text, email, and fax to one centralized dashboard. With Prokeep, you can manage customer information, collect payments, and communicate with thousands of customers in a matter of seconds. By implementing Prokeep, you have everything you need at your fingertips to serve your customers while growing your organization.

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