Attract new customers and get ahead of competitor digitialization

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Start meeting more customer needs & working more efficiently

Learn what shaped emerging buyer trends currently being seen across the industry, and how many distribution businesses are turning to digitalization to provide modern customers with the modern service they expect.

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The distributor's complete guide on using digitalization to
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What’s in the report:

  • New buyer trends explained: customer expectations are higher and businesses are using digitalization to meet them. 
  • What is driving the need for digitalization?
    • The rise of omnichannel and new technology
    • Stronger competition in distribution
    • How B2C trends are affecting the B2B space
    • The pressing need for better data management
  • Common roadblocks to digitalization
  • Opportunities for digitalization within distribution businesses
    • Optimizing an omnichannel platform
    • Adopting new technology
    • Improving data storage and management
    • Offering multiple channels for communication
  • How digitalization keeps distributors ahead of the competition
  • Prokeep’s digital solutions for meeting customer needs
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