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Overcome the obstacles of inflation with the complete distributor's guide

Learn the full cycle of how inflation disrupts business for distributors and how many construction businesses are maximizing operational efficiencies to do more with less and get ahead.

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The distributor's  definitive guide to handling inflation in 2022 

What's in the report:

  • Inflation Explained: Is it good or bad?
  • What are the general causes of Inflation?
  • What makes Inflation in 2022 so much different than previous downturns?
  • What part do COVID-19, The War in Ukraine, and the Housing Crisis play in current economic projections
  • How can distributors expect business to be impacted by inflation?
  • What are some easy ways distributors can get ahead and win business during high inflation?
  • Tips on saving money by increasing energy and operational efficiencies

Want to leverage technology to secure your legacy and scale for profits?
Prokeep is here to help.

It’s undeniable. The construction industry is undergoing a radical change to adapt to lasting harsh conditions.

If distributors plan to succeed in this changing space, they must consider making strategic decisions and investments in digital technologies centered around labor efficiencies and customer convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are contractors interested in texting? 

94%of of contractors report they would text their distributor if they had the option.

2. Can technology really help prevent employee turnover/labor shortages?

Current research has shown one of the leading factors for reduced employee engagement and increased turnover is employee burnout. Among the tactics SHRM recommends to prevent employee burnout, the right technology can help you adjust workloads.

3. How can texting save my business money?

A texting communication software like Prokeep has proven to save distributors 9 hours per month for each user. That means, more time to sell, better customer service, and less need to work your employees' overtime. 

Start learning how to win business & increase profits.        

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