Manage more conversations from one screen

Having to flip through multiple tabs and organize disparate communications creates errors and slow response times. With a centralized workspace, you can deliver the same excellent customer experience no matter the channel.


“If I don't have my phone near me, you're out of luck. If you text it to our store, I've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 screens that that's going to pop up on. So you're going to get an answer a lot quicker.”

Ralph Stevens - Johnstone Supply Hickory

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Build better relationships with centralized communication

Prokeep creates a singular workspace through which your team can proactively message and respond to customers through their preferred channel. Starting with text-enabling your business’s phone line, Prokeep makes accessing business texts, shared emails, web chats, and faxes as simple as a click.

Unlock business texting and eliminate silos

Want to say goodbye to long hold times and phone tag? Let contractors send pictures and orders via text to the same number they’ve been calling for years. Customer text messages sent to your business appear in a shared workspace accessible from any computer or mobile app.


Maximize efficiency with shared email and fax

No more switching between disparate tabs to manage customer communication through various channels. Prokeep creates a shared email and fax line that streamlines email, fax, and texts into one easy-to-use workspace accessible by your whole team from anywhere.

Improve team communication with internal messaging

Use Prokeep to message your co-workers in the shop, at another branch, or in the back office, keeping all conversations documented and accessible in one handy, centralized place.

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Take conversations on the Prokeep mobile app

Access Prokeep’s messaging platform from anywhere and on the go to snap and send pictures or simply respond to your customers faster.

Get more out of your website with integrated web chat

Let customers submit questions and orders from any page on your website directly to the counter via Prokeep.


Distributors are growing with Prokeep


"Prokeep allows our customer service staff to respond in a very, very quick manner and keep it uniform across our company."

Bruce Haberman

Director of Operational Efficiency - Southern Pipe & Supply



“Because it’s a singular platform for each branch or each phone number that we’re setting up, it allows them to share that texting workload or that communication workload amongst their peers.”

Chris Moon

General Operations Manager - Ideal Supply



“Calling every customer when 12,000 orders arrive is not an option. Prokeep cuts down that time and bridges that gap.“

Corey Fehribach

Manager of Operational Excellence - Yancey Bros.


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