Want to Communicate Easily With Your Team? Boost Collaboration with Prokeep’s Internal Messaging

While you’re juggling attending to customers and fulfilling tasks, you need a quick and easy way to connect with any team member in your organization. If you’re playing phone tag or not receiving replies from coworkers, you risk delaying projects or missing crucial information.


Prokeep’s centralized communication capabilities connect your whole organization across branches to the same workspace from which you answer customers. With just the press of a button, you can text, email, or fax any team member from any branch. This not only gives you full transparency of conversation history but also empowers your team to work efficiently.

Easy Ways Distributors are using Prokeep to work together

With better internal communication, distributors are able to work together to provide an optimal customer experience by:

  • Connecting with other branches - Got a request for a part that you don’t have? Use Prokeep to check with another branch and see if you can grab it, allowing you to quickly get back to your customer with an answer without ever having to pick up a phone. 
  • Reaching coworkers with ease - with just the press of a button, you can connect with any team member from the same workspace you reach your customers. Making collaboration seamless!
  • Transferring threads - is your coworker better suited to answer an inquiry? Simply transfer one conversation over to them so they can give the customer what they need
  • Having Full visibility - When you need to respond to a customer in place of a coworker, you’ll have visibility into all previous conversations in Prokeep so you can get better context. That way even when team members are out of the office your customers still get the experience they deserve!

How distributors are boosting collaboration with internal messaging

At Acme Construction Supply, Eric Shira shares with us how his outside salespeople use Prokeep to reach inside salespeople with ease. 

The Prokeep Solution

Prokeep is an innovative communication platform designed for every conversation you need to get work done. Serve your customers better by connecting text, email and fax into one easily accessible, unified workspace, so doing business is a simple as sending a text!

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