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Sick of “Reply Alls” and Missed Emails? Improve Response Time With a Team Inbox

Sharing a business email can be messy, setting you up for confusion and missed messages from customers. Whether it’s forgetting to hit “reply all” or just mistakenly assuming someone else will attend to it, a poorly managed inbox is going to be a negative experience for both your team and your customers.


Shared Team Inbox vs. Personal Email

Using a shared inbox has several benefits that optimize your efficiency. Through a shared inbox, you centralize communication and no longer have to check several inboxes to ensure you saw every message. Your team is also better able to work together and answer emails in a timely manner. This not only boosts transparency but allows for better collaboration and a better experience for your customers.

Better Manage Emails With a Team Inbox 

According to Forbes, 65% of emails are ignored, and only 56% of companies have an easy-to-access email. Mismanagement of business emails costs you time and opportunities to make sales while creating an unpleasant shopping experience. 

With Prokeep’s centralized communication capabilities, which connect text, email, and fax to one shared workspace, your team can view and claim incoming emails with just the press of a button.

Easy Ways Distributors are Streamlining Workflows with Prokeep

Industry leaders are seeing more sales and better operations with Prokeep by:

    • Better managing emails - With Prokeep’s easy-to-use, business-owned workspace, your team can view, manage, and attend to emails as easily as they answer incoming texts.  
  • Saying goodbye to “Reply Alls” - Easily claim an incoming email, which brings it to your inbox and allows you to answer from your counter computer just like you would a text. No longer will you need to click “reply all” and flood your team’s inboxes.  
  • Increasing transparency - Prokeep stores all past conversation history, so if you have to follow up with a customer who’s previously worked with someone else, all of their conversation records are right there!
  • Boosting Response Time - If emails are just as easy to access as any other incoming message, your team can get to it faster. Not only does this make it easier to attend to customers, but they will no longer have to wait until counter reps see an email. 

How Distributors Are Cutting Response Time with Prokeep


With Prokeep’s easy communication features, Breanne Flacks cut response time and empowered her team to serve customers in a fraction of the time.

The Prokeep Solution

Prokeep is an industry-leading communication software connecting text, email, and fax to one easy-to-use workspace. With Prokeep, your team can answer incoming messaging, serve customers, and communicate internally in a fraction of the time. 

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