Broadcast Text Promotions

Wish you could get info to many customers at once? Send a text message to as many members in your contact database as you'd like - all at the same time.


One-to-many messaging,
built to start conversations and drive sales

Broadcast Text Promotions (*formerly Announcements) are designed to focus on conversational messaging. Sending a message to the right audience at the right time allows you to promote a product special, get more engagement from marketing efforts, and create more selling opportunities. The best part?  Prokeep is built to let customers respond back to you – it’s not just a one-way messaging tool.


Top Advantages


Group promos or alerts

Text out marketing campaigns, deals, event invites, or incentive opportunities to as many - or as few - of your customers as you like.

Target list creation

Segment and filter your customer database into groups based on how you would like to interact with them and what kinds of messages you want them to receive when you send announcements.

2-way communication

Let customers reply to your announcement. Their response will then go directly to your main Prokeep platform, where your team can continue the conversation.

Other key advantages you’ll love


Dedicated phone line

Announcements reach your customers from a 1-800 number to keep their conversational messages separate.


Attach photos and files

Send a picture, GIF, or downloadable PDF in your announcement to add some personality and/or value to your message.


Scheduled messages

Create a message today to go out first thing in the morning to simplify the process and spend less time on deliverables.



Let customers opt-out of your announcements without affecting your ability to continue texting them 1-to-1 through Prokeep.


Send messages to staff

Share relevant information with your employees or invite them to a staff party in one mass text.


New product or recall

Alert your customers en masse when your inventory changes or if there is a recall on a product they have purchased.

Explore other features that compliment Broadcast Text Promotions


Shared Email

Manage your business’s shared email inbox and digital fax in the same workspace as business texts to service your customer consistently across channels.


Web Chat

Let customers submit questions, orders, and updates from any page on your website directly to the counter with flexible messaging via live chat or chat-to-text.


Prokeep CRM

Optimize your sales process by using customer text, email, web chat, and payment conversation records directly stored and kept up to date.

Start sending broadcast text notifications & grow marketing efforts

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