Take Control of Revenue Streams with Broadcast Text Messaging

Transform your sales and marketing: Leverage SMS to proactively engage your customers instantly with the click of a button.

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Elevate Your Business Communication with Broadcast Text Messaging

In today’s competitive marketplace, successful distributors recognize that efficient communication is a necessity. From managing inventory to fostering strong customer relationships, the ability to reach your audience directly impacts your business's success. Broadcast Text Messaging emerges as the leading solution, offering a direct line to both customers and employees, ensuring your bulk SMS messages are sent, received, and acted upon.



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Open Rate
Text message is by far the best channel for promotion engagement.

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Customers who receive marketing texts find them somewhat or very helpful.

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9 out of 10 customers prefer marketing text messages to other channels.

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Want More
Contractors say they wish businesses would reach out to them via text MORE OFTEN.

Introducing Prokeep's Broadcast Text Messaging: Your Game Changer

What is Broadcast Text Messaging?

A broadcast text message is a powerful tool that allows you to communicate with a broad audience instantly. Whether updating your list of contacts about a new promotion or informing your team about an upcoming event, broadcast text messaging delivers your message en masse, ensuring consistency and immediacy.

Key Uses:

  • Promotions and Sales: Amplify your SMS marketing campaigns by alerting your audience to special offers and sales.
  • Inventory Updates: Notify customers and staff about inventory changes and new products in a group messaging format, helping manage expectations and reduce supply chain bottlenecks.
  • Operating Hours: Communicate changes in store hours quickly to large groups of people, keeping your customers informed and your operations smooth.
  • Events: Boost attendance and engagement for work events and parties through timely and broad-reaching invitations and appointment reminders.

Building Connections

By keeping your audience informed, broadcast text messaging not only enhances operational efficiency but also deepens brand loyalty, keeping your business forefront in the minds of your customers.


Drive sales by texting curated customer lists or everyone at once promoting specials, events, upcoming delivery routes, or any other important update in a channel that delivers results.

Proactively engage your customers to keep your business top-of-mind and drive more inbound opportunities through special promotions and last-calls on delivery orders.

Unlike other SMS Marketing tools, Prokeep lets your customers respond to your broadcasts. Their responses go directly to your conversation hub, where your team can take their order.

Replace time-consuming and outdated marketing tools like print and email with a data-driven approach through texting with an easy-to-use interface and performance metrics.

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The Competitive Edge

Traditional communication methods are no longer sufficient. Emails often go unopened, and phone calls are impractical for large-scale notifications. Broadcast text messaging, however, cuts through the noise, offering a scalable and effective way to reach out.

Enhanced Engagement

With the average email open rate hovering around 19.8%, broadcast text messaging via text presents an unmatched opportunity to capture your audience's attention. It boasts significantly higher open and response rates.

Scalability and Efficiency

Unlike calls, which are time-consuming and challenging to scale, broadcast text messaging allows you to reach thousands within seconds, ensuring no one is left in the dark.


Revolutionize Your Strategy with Text Messaging

The Prokeep Advantage

Embrace the future of communication with Prokeep, a platform that brings the power of text messaging to your business. By enabling your company’s main phone number for texting, Prokeep simplifies sending out announcements and engaging with a large audience on a level that matches today’s communication standards.

Features That Set You Apart
  • Announcement Feature: Broadcast your message to large groups, ensuring wide-reaching awareness of your promotions, updates, and more.
  • Targeted Outreach: Segment your audience into targeted lists, allowing for personalized communication and giving your VIP customers early access to new inventory.
  • Interactive Engagement: Unlike one-way alerts, Prokeep enables customers to respond to your broadcasts, fostering real conversations and building deeper connections through better customer experience.
Seize the Opportunity

With a significant portion of the US population glued to their smartphones, text messaging is not just an option; it’s the most direct channel to your customers. Yet, with only 39% of businesses tapping into text messaging for marketing, implementing Prokeep gives you a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

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Increased ecommerce sales
“Broadcast text messaging has helped on our online sales increase about 300  percent over the last year.”


Streamlined deliveries
“It improves customer satisfaction. You  measure that by customers doing more business with you — and we’ve seen that...”


Better marketing communication
“We use it for communication with customers about  events that we’re having, advertising new products,  and we also support our website orders with it.”


Increased operational efficiency
“What better way to send a message that you have an  online product for sale than in a text message where  they can flip over to a browser and place that order.”

Leverage Prokeep for Unmatched Communication Efficiency

In a world where clarity, speed, and engagement are paramount, broadcast text messaging is a strategy that propels your business toward unprecedented success. With Prokeep, unlock the full potential of your communication efforts and watch as your business reaches new heights of efficiency and engagement.

Elevate Your Brand

Broadcast text messaging via Prokeep not only modernizes your communication strategy but also amplifies your brand’s presence in the market. By ensuring timely and efficient information dissemination, you set the stage for increased sales, enhanced customer loyalty, and a stronger brand image.

Streamline Operations

Prokeep’s comprehensive platform goes beyond customer communication, enhancing internal coordination and productivity. By centralizing your communication channels, Prokeep makes managing broadcasts and engaging with replies straightforward, fostering a cohesive and responsive business environment.

Future-Proof Your Business

As technology evolves and consumer behaviors shift, staying ahead of communication trends is crucial. Prokeep’s text messaging platform offers a forward-thinking solution, aligning with modern preferences and ensuring your business remains relevant and responsive.

Discover the Difference

Experience the transformative impact of broadcast text messaging with Prokeep. Learn more about our cutting-edge features, and schedule a demo to see how our platform can revolutionize your communication strategy, drive your business forward, and set you apart in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Other key advantages you’ll love

Track SMS Marketing Success

Get the inside scoop on how far your Broadcast Text Messages are really going so you can make sure your strategies are hitting the mark.

But it's not just about reach. Knowing what makes your customers tick is the insight you need to take your marketing to the next level. With Broadcast Text Message Analytics, you can dive deep into your audience's behavior and preferences so you can continually iterate and fine-tune your messaging to generate more conversions.

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Dedicated phone line

Announcements reach your customers from a 1-800 number to keep their conversational messages separate.


Attach photos and files

Send a picture, GIF, or downloadable PDF in your announcement to add some personality and/or value to your message.


Scheduled messages

Create a message today to go out first thing in the morning to simplify the process and spend less time on deliverables.



Let customers opt-out of your announcements without affecting your ability to continue texting them 1-to-1 through Prokeep.


Send messages to staff

Share relevant information with your employees or invite them to a staff party in one mass text.


New product or recall

Alert your customers en masse when your inventory changes or if there is a recall on a product they have purchased.

Explore other features that compliment Broadcast Text Messaging


Shared Email

Manage your business’s shared email inbox and digital fax in the same workspace as business texts to service your customer consistently across channels.


Web Chat

Let customers submit questions, orders, and updates from any page on your website directly to the counter with flexible messaging via live chat or chat-to-text.


Prokeep CRM

Optimize your sales process by using customer text, email, web chat, and payment conversation records directly stored and kept up to date.

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