Why Your Contractors are Texting

Many distributors have kept things running business as usual for decades. Phones ring, contractors pop in, lines are long, branches are busy, and doing business takes place face-to-face. This is how connections are built, right?

Well, we’re in a new age of distribution. Contractors are swamped with heavy workloads, and they want instant service. No one has time to wait on hold anymore. Today, contractors want to place an order and go on with their day. 

And so, successful distributors are turning to text channels to provide instant, frictionless service. But what exactly is it about texting that has proved so key in providing that desired experience?


Greater Convenience Service with Business Texting

The convenience of texting is unmatched by any other method. Contractors can text anytime, anywhere, without stopping what they’re doing and picking up the phone. They’re able to multi-task and place an order for their next job while still finishing their first. In a busy world, texting offers the ability to get work done faster.

A Frictionless Experience with Texting

Greater convenience means a frictionless experience. No more waiting on hold, miscommunications, or having to reiterate. These experiences are frustrating for the contractor, who already has a lot on his plate. 

Contractors want to do business with distributors who offer them a seamless, frictionless experience. They don’t have time for discourse; they want to place orders quickly and clearly right from their mobile phones, and texting enables them to do just that. 

Check out how Nathaniel Bell with Fasteners Inc used texting to boost customer service. 

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Cutting Miscommunications with Customers

Placing orders through text makes for clear communication that can be referred back to at any time. Contractors can even snap a picture of a part or serial number and send it straight to the distributor rather than trying to articulate what they need or read numbers out loud and risk being misheard. 

And when in doubt, all messages are stored for later clarification. 

Boosting Transparency with Business Texting

With stored conversation history, both parties have documented trails of conversations. This creates accountability for agreements and commitments and eliminates any possibility of discourse down the line. 

For the contractor they can be reminded what they ordered and how much it costs. For you, you’ll have order history stored for more personalization down the line, conversation history, to help your team serve customers they don’t know as well, and even legal protection should their be any disputes. 

Stronger Communication and Stronger Relationships through Text

Strong communication makes for happy customers. When doing business with you is seamless, efficient, and free of frustrating experiences, your customers will come back time and time again. 

That’s why you should prioritize communication and partner with software that empowers you to serve customers better.

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Better Communication with Prokeep

Prokeep is a communication platform that text-enables your main phone line and allows contractors to text orders or questions to the same number they’ve always called. With Prokeep, your team can access and attend to incoming texts, emails, and faxes, all from one interconnected dashboard accessible from the counter computer or mobile phone. 

Prokeep enables you to:

  • Optimize Efficiency - Answer or reach out to contractors in seconds while attending to other tasks or even other customers. 
  • Provide a Frictionless Experience - By responding with just the press of a button way you’ll provide instant service. No more keeping contractors waiting!
  • Cut Miscommunications - Have customers send in a picture that you zoom in or annotate. This way, along with a written record of conversations you can always refer back to, miscommunications will be a thing of the past.
  • Boost Transparency - Prokeep stores all conversation history, making it easy for teams to view context, see order history, or have accountability within every agreement.
  • Build Stronger Relationships - By providing a simple, efficient means of reaching you, as well as empowering your team to collaborate and serve customers fast, you’ll make doing business a pleasant experience. 


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