Prokeep integrates with Salesforce to Seamlessly Sync Contact Data and Cut Down Worktime

Announcing Prokeep’s latest partner integration - Prokeep | Salesforce Contact Sync Integration. When distributors integrate Prokeep with Salesforce changes in their contact data will automatically update in both systems, eliminating manual re-entry and saving work time.

Data automation is modernizing the way business processes are being completed. Gone are the days of having to manually re-enter information across all platforms, taking up valuable time and creating opportunities for error. 94% of the business professionals at enterprises prefer unified automation across all their applications. 

With Prokeep’s new Salesforce Contact Data Sync you cut down on unnecessary steps taking time away from what really matters - serving your customers. By connecting Prokeep and Salesforce, you ensure that all your contact information is consistent across platforms and make doing business seamless and easy. 

About Salesforce

Salesforce is a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that unifies processes and provides omnichannel marketing opportunities. Salesforce connects customers with your business so you can find prospects, close deals, and easily access information.

It helps teams work better together, improving team communications and productivity, to drive greater success.

About Prokeep

Prokeep is a customer experience management software that cuts down work time and empowers distributors to serve their customers faster. Prokeep optimizes customer service through centralized communication, connecting text, email and fax all to one easily accessible workspace.

How the Prokeep | Salesforce Integration Works

By connecting Prokeep with Salesforce, which stores your customer contact information, you Set up routine scans for new or updated contacts within Salesforce and automatically enter them into Prokeep, saving you time and keeping information consistent across platforms. 

Once connected, your Salesforce and Prokeep systems will run a data sync continuously so that: 

  • when a contact is created or updated in Prokeep, it is automatically created/updated in Salesforce.
  • when a contact is created or updated in Salesforce, it is automatically created/updated in Prokeep
  • when a “company” is created or updated in Salesforce, it is automatically created or updated in Prokeep.

Saving time with Contact Data Automation

Connecting your workforce operations by automating data transfers maximizes process output and empowers you to scale business growth. By eliminating the incredibly tedious step of manually entering contact information into Prokeep, your team has more time to devote to more crucial tasks, like driving sales and serving customers. 

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