4 Common Text Messaging Mishaps Distributors Make

“Dang autocorrect!” That’s a phrase most of us have said a few times when texting. While we can laugh off typos in personal conversations, the stakes are a bit higher when you’re a business texting your customers.

There are common mistakes distributors innocently make when texting customers. We put the top four mishaps in a quick list to help you avoid them.


1. Not taking the time to consider your tone

Read this aloud, “Thanks.” Since there’s no exclamation point, do you think it’s being said sarcastically? Does it seem curt? Or friendly?

“I need those serial numbers” vs. “I need those serial numbers 🔨.”

It’s a simple change but the emoji adds a more relaxed and likable tone.


2. Overusing emojis

Don’t get us wrong, emojis are good to use. Just use the icons sparingly in business texting. You want to come across as friendly, not silly. Example:

Too much = “🔨🔧We’ll get that ordered for you! 📦😃”

Just right = “We’ll get that ordered for you! ✅”


3. Texting at the wrong time of day

You probably know a lot about your customers – their first name, what sports their kids play, and other personal quirks. These connections are at the core of great customer service!

Because your customer relationships can sometimes feel personal, text messaging for your business can blur the lines between personal and professional communications. To play it safe, texting should only be done during normal business hours - unless a contractor gives you permission otherwise. It’s far better to respect their personal time and space vs. running the risk of crossing a line and annoying them!


4. Making it too long

Remember it’s a text message, not a novel. Don’t overdo what you’re texting a contractor. Short, simple, and useful are good rules to follow when texting customers.

If you find yourself going on and on or having to clarify details that were misunderstood in earlier threads, that may be a signal that a good old-fashioned email or phone call is a better way to convey that info.

Mind these mishaps when texting and you’ll be on your way to boosting your customer service experience with the 90% of contractors who say they want to be able to text with distributors (like you!), according to Prokeep’s first-party data.


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