Business Text Messaging Etiquette

American's send nearly 200 million emails a day - and 50% of those emails are marked as spam. As businesses around the country try to avoid the spam box more are turning to text messaging to connect direct with consumers.

Is your business looking to leverage text messaging to enhance your customer service experience? Here are a few do's and don't from Prokeep's customer experience experts.

Easy-to-use Features

Add teammates

When your team expands or your messaging needs change you can add more users to your Prokeep with just a few clicks.

Custom replies

Use custom replies to help you keep the conversation going with a click of the mouse.

Read receipts

No more “did you get that?” Customers will know that their messages have been received by your branch, and when your sales rep is on the conversation.

Away messages

Keep your customers up to date by letting them know that your response time may be delayed for holidays or weekends.

User permissions

Give important people the access they need to ensure everyone is operating at maximum efficiency.

Add customers

After a quick file import, you can start texting your customers in seconds.