Business Text Messaging

Simplify, Streamline, Succeed

Say goodbye to long hold times and phone-tag. Let contractors send text messages to the same number they’ve been calling for years.


Build better relationships and improve efficiencies

Answering customer phone calls can be time-consuming. Constant and sometimes irrelevant phone calls take sales reps away from their jobs – selling. Prokeep allows your customers to text orders and pictures directly to your branch’s primary phone number - saving you time and preventing costly mistakes.


Top Advantages


On-the-spot messaging

Keep business moving by allowing your customers to send you messages while they’re on-site. No more phone tag, hold times, or phone outages to stand in the way of your “business as usual.”

Image & file exchange

Take the guesswork and inaccuracies out of order details or part info by exchanging pics, PDFs, and other files with customers instead of describing it.

Searchable conversation history

Track and refer back to all the evolving details of a job to confirm details such as serial number, model number, pricing, or other final decisions.

Other key advantages you’ll love


Desktop notifications

See a message as soon as it comes in so you can respond instantly and ensure speedy service.


Multi-user management

Enlist multiple people to contribute to any conversation so that you involve all parties required to meet customers’ needs.



See the data you need to quantify your team and customer service.


After-hours messages

Keep your customers up to date by letting them know that your response time may be delayed for holidays or weekends.


Read receipts

No more “did you get that?” Customers will know that their messages have been received and when a sales rep is on the conversation.


User permissions

Give important people the access they need to ensure everyone is operating at maximum efficiency.

Explore other features that compliment Branch Texting


Internal Messaging

Message your co-workers in the shop or at another branch within Prokeep to keep conversations centralized, convenient, and documented.


Broadcast Text Promotions

Broadcast messages to all of your customers or curated lists to keep relevant contacts informed on promotions, events, and hours changes.


Prokeep CRM

Leverage customer data to optimize sales processes, keep accurate records, create more opportunities, and build stronger customer relationships.

Supercharge communication with business texting built for distributors

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