Planning for the Holidays with a Limited Team? Optimize your Workforce and Connect Employees to Multiple Locations

Holidays can be a stressful time for distributors; managing the influx of customers trying to finish projects can be overwhelming. And if your staff is limited, attending to all of these requests in a timely manner is not easy to do. 


Connect your staff to multiple branches

Being understaffed poses a lot of problems. According to FreightWaves, 73% of warehouse operators are lacking personnel, making it difficult to do business effectively. With heavy traffic and a smaller team, operations get delayed, and customers will be waiting longer.

With Prokeep’s centralized communication capabilities, your staff is able to serve customers from multiple branches, all from their own counter computer. Connecting your entire organization into one conversation-driven workspace allows you to effectively make the most out of your team and keep service great all year round.

Easy Ways Distributors are Overcoming Worker Shortages with Prokeep

Prokeep, an innovative communication tool, is helping distributors with limited staff optimize efficiency by:

      • Combining all communication channels into one - Prokeep connects text, email, and fax into one business-owned account so all communication is seamless. No more flipping through tabs or missing messages!
      • Connecting team members to multiple branches - Will you be missing a portion of your team during the holidays? Or are you short-handed all year round? Enable staff members to answer inquiries from multiple branches so customers across your organization are served in a matter of seconds.  
      • Optimizing Internal Communication - Prokeep’s easy-to-use dashboard connects your entire organization, so sending a text, email, or fax to a coworker is easier than ever.  
      • Offering full visibility into conversation history - Prokeep keeps a record of all previous conversations - so if you’re answering a customer and need more context, you can access it with ease! 

How distributors are working more efficiently with Prokeep. 

By implementing Prokeep, Victor Sawdy at National Excelsior empowered his team to work faster with text – creating a seamless workflow and better customer experience.


The Prokeep Solution

Prokeep is an industry-leading communication platform tailored to every distributor's needs. With Prokeep, you better connect your organization and make every conversation as simple as sending a message, cutting your worktime. This way, your staff can focus on what matters most — serving your customers. 

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