Are Your Customers Missing Appointments? Provide a Better Experience with Automated Reminders

Missing scheduled appointments is a frustrating experience for both your team and the customer. Not only do you miss an opportunity to make a sale, but your employees’ attention is taken away from other tasks and other customers. For this reason, leading distributors seamlessly send appointment reminders to customers, ensuring that every experience is good.


Time Saved with Appointment Reminders

According to Tech Report, rates of no-shows were brought down by 90% through the use of appointment reminders. By reminding your customers of upcoming appointments, you keep your organization top of mind and ensure your team never misses an opportunity to do business.

Prokeep’s centralized communication workspace connects text, email, and fax into one easily accessible dashboard, enabling distributors to send out appointment reminders with just the press of a button. This way, you cut down on missed appointments and lost time, and your customers will have a better experience.

Easy Ways Prokeep Reduces No-Shows and Saves Time

Industry leaders in distribution are boosting productivity and cutting down on missed appointments by: 

  • Texting appointment reminders - With the press of a button, you can send your customers reminders of their upcoming appointments, ensuring that they’ll be there.
  • Sending alerts of cancellations - Have an unexpected opening? Easily let other scheduled customers know of your new availability and allow them to be serviced faster.
  • Send quotes to customers - following appointments, send your customers a quote if they need some time before making a purchase.
  • Sending follow-up messages - send your customer a personalized follow-up after an appointment, thanking them for their time. This strengthens relationships and keeps them coming back. 

    How Distributors Are Saving Time and Providing a Better Experience with Prokeep 

Victor Sawdy from National Excelsior provided a quicker, more seamless experience by sending customers a quote through Prokeep.

The Prokeep Solution 

Prokeep is a centralized communication platform connecting text, email, and fax to one easily accessible workspace. In mere seconds, you service your customers, ensuring they have an optimal experience, and you have more time in your day to get work done. 

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