New Prokeep Solutions: Payments, CRM, and Web Chat

Get more out of Prokeep with centralized communication, streamlined payment collection, and better CRM functionality to start hitting higher sales targets and curating a better customer experience.


Do more on one screen

Connect Prokeep Pay, Prokeep CRM, and Web Chat for even more efficiency and added sales opportunities

Prokeep is more connected to your operations than ever by logging order conversation history, message logs, and company records in one place. Plus with built-in payments and improved web chat functionality, putting data into action is easier than ever.

What to look forward to in Prokeep's new solutions:

  • Collect revenue faster, guarantee accurate payments, and create a shared record of communication with built-in text-to-pay.
  • Gather meaningful customer data and build accountability centralized communication records, priority notifications, and customer service reporting in Prokeep’s CRM.
  • Get more out of web chat by allowing customers the flexibility of live chat or chat-to-text.


Explore new Prokeep Solutions


Prokeep Pay

Get paid faster, make more sales, and keep records of payment conversation history across text, email, web chat, and fax, all in one place.


Prokeep CRM

Optimize your sales process by using customer text, email, web chat, and payment conversation records directly stored and kept up to date.


Web Chat

Let customers submit questions and orders from any page on your website directly to the counter with flexible messaging via live chat or chat-to-text.

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