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Want more flexibility? Connect with your customers and team faster, from anywhere, and on-the-go.

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The Sphere 1 relationship

Prokeep is an easy-to-use, ever-improving Sales and Customer Experience software built exclusively for – and by – distributors, and supported by a team focused on our customers’ success. Prokeep helps you streamline your customer communications in a way that keeps your customer relationships - and your business - growing.

Prokeep joined Sphere 1 in January of 2021, and since then we've had tremendous traction in supplying Sphere 1 members with the unique advantage of efficient, effective text messaging with their customers.


Sphere 1 member distributors are growing with Prokeep


"Prokeep has absolutely helped streamline things for us , especially in the summer when we are getting a ton of phone calls."

Michael Bonar

Sales - Denali Industrial Supply Inc.


"Prokeep has been a great addition to our customer service tools. I will highly recommend anyone to start using it."

Robin Matti

Owner - Gillette Contractors Supply Inc.

Prokeep helps Sphere 1 member distributors grow sales and build relationships

With Prokeep’s sales and customer experience software, Sphere 1 member distributors are seeing faster business growth, a better customer experience, and added workforce productivity. See how Prokeep can work for you.

Communicate with customers in one workspace

Manage conversations and ordering via text message, email, web chat, and fax from one shared workspace. With a singular place to engage your customers, your team can deliver consistent response times and close more deals, faster.


Keep customers informed and connected with automated alerts

Automate busy work while keeping customer communication consistent and informative. Set triggers based on ERP status updates, smart locker code generators, delivery apps, and more.

Collect payments from text-in orders faster in one workspace

Complete sales faster and more efficiently with Prokeep Collect where customers can start a conversation, place an order, and pay for their parts all from one text thread.


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Dealers are leveraging technologies to get ahead of the competition by improving customer service and simplifying operations.

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