11 Things About Texting You May Not Have Known About Business Texting

Text messaging is rapidly becoming the new standard communication practice between customers and businesses.

According to Statista, a company that gathers market and consumer data, 49% of US consumers say they prefer to communicate with customer service via text messaging.

Along with its immediacy and short message structure, texting lets distributors continue those casual, in-store counter conversations with customers – via their phones using funny GIFs, emojis, and pictures.

From humorous banter to serious workplace productivity, texting gives distributors a handy way to be professional and casual.

So, how did we get here? Below are some fun facts you may not have known about texting messaging!

11 Things About Texting You May Not Have Known

  1. 94% of contractors are likely or very likely to text their distributor.
  2. Globally, the amount of people who send and receive text messages is predicted to rise to 5.9 billion by 2025.
  3. Neil Papworth, a British engineer, sent the first text message on Dec. 3, 1992, that simply said, "Merry Christmas."
  4. Nokia's original text message alert beep was called "special." The sound was the morse code for "SMS."
  5. The first text messages to space were sent in 2009 to the planet Gliese 581d. The website HelloFromEarth.net sent several text messages submitted by Earthlings and sent them via radio waves. The messages won't get to the planet until 2029
  6. 70% of consumers want to use mobile messaging to troubleshoot issues.
  7. 68% of consumers would like to use mobile messaging to contact a company with billing questions or concerns.
  8. 71% of consumers say using text messaging to communicate with a business was effective.
  9. 97% of companies found they communicated with consumers more efficiently after launching texting initiatives.
  10. Text messaging is a great way to connect with your customer since 98% of people open a text vs. an email.
  11. Researcher Friedhelm Hillebrand discovery that the average sentence contained 160 characters created the foundation for sending a text message of that length

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