Drive adoption with this Marketing Kit full of templates and ideas

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Drive adoption of your new communication solution with this complete marketing kit.

Use this marketing kit to help your business make the most of the new partnership with Prokeep. These are some tried-and-true adoption methods that have worked for Prokeep Partners of all sizes and we think many of them could work for you as well.

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The distributor's marketing kit to drive adoption and usage of centralized communication through Prokeep. 

What’s in the Marketing Kit:

  • On-hold and voicemail messaging scripts
  • Webpage "text us" button add ons
  • Social media post templates
  • Contest/adoption templates
  • Internal contest ideas
  • Flyer and poster templates
  • Broadcast Text Promotion opt-in template
  • Website banners
  • Email templates
  • Printed marketing material templates
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