Add Email to Your Prokeep Workspace

Just like texts, you can now centralize messaging from shared email accounts, all in one place — on your Prokeep dashboard!


Praise for added Prokeep channels

“Managing our sales distribution email account in Prokeep has worked much better because now customer texts and emails are all in one place, everyone sees them when they come in, you know who’s claimed it and we are able to respond to the customer much faster.”

- Gerry W.  |  Bartle and Gibson

How to Email in Prokeep

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Benefits of Prokeep vs Outlook, Gmail, and E-Fax Solutions:

  • Shared Prokeep Inbox ensures messages won’t sit in personal inboxes or fax machines.
  • Team members can “Claim” incoming messages to reduce double work or bystander effect while improving response time and customer experience.
  • Better visibility into more types of customer conversations.
  • Ability to organize, search and get reporting on multi-channel communications all in one place.

Channel Features

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Why Speed Matters

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