Revolutionizing Distributor Ecommerce with Apex Order Pickup Solutions

When Smart Lockers and a Communication Platform connect

We just announced our first-of-many integration partnerships with Apex Order Pickup Solutions. With this partnership we can now connect the services of smart lockers to distributor messaging, creating a fully transparent ordering and pickup process for distribution customers. 

Through the integration, distributors can create a seamless communication channel by sending automatic text messages to contractors when their order is ready for pickup. Contractors can then respond via text to add on to orders or ask additional questions. For distributors, the entire exchange is fielded and recorded in their Prokeep inbox.PK | Apex - partnership official logo (FULL CMYK)

About Apex Order Pickup Solutions

Apex is a leading global provider of contactless smart order pickup solutions for foodservice, retail, and b-to-b eCommerce. Apex self-serve order pickup solutions are in use in over 5,000 locations globally.

How the integration works

When Prokeep and Apex are connected, distributors are able to send automated messages to their customers with order updates and pickup instructions for orders placed in Apex smart pickup lockers. Just close the locker door and customers will automatically be sent an “order ready” text message with:

  • Their order number
  • A status message
  • The locker number where they can pick up their item(s)
  • The barcode/keycode/QR code they need to open the locker.

For contractors, there are no apps or additional software required and all text messages sent via Prokeep will appear as regular SMS texts. 

The Apex lockers can be placed indoors or outdoors, and their software provides real-time visibility of compartment utilization, dwell time, and more. Their integration with Prokeep ensures a simple workflow for employees and more time for other tasks. 

Apex Chief Growth Officer Mike Rizzo said, “Apex is excited to be able to add this automated messaging option for distributors using our pickup lockers. This will help them streamline their notification process and provide even more value to their customers.”

The difference: 2-way communication

Unlike other business texting notifications, customers that receive an “order ready” text message through the Prokeep | Apex integration can reply to an order update. When a customer responds to a notification, their question or concern goes straight into a distributor’s Prokeep inbox and can be claimed by an available representative so that every line of communication stays personal.

The experience

Johnstone Supply NJ in Kenilworth, New Jersey, is the first distributor branch to take advantage of the partnership. Their customers will be able to save time in their day by receiving a text message as soon as their order is ready so they can quickly pick it up at their convenience and with no friction in the pickup process. Plus, they’ll be able to respond to their order-ready message with any questions and reach the Johnstone counter staff they know for a quick response.

“Working with Prokeep to text locker pickup codes to our customers has been great,” said Ryan Dreissig, IT Manager for Johnston Supply NJ. “Prokeep and Apex took care of all the changes on the back end so there was very minimal effort on our part.  Being able to monitor incoming text replies ensures a more streamlined experience for our customers, while naturally promoting our texting solution at the same time.”

The first of many

The integration is the first of several anticipated technology partnerships for Prokeep in 2022. “We are thrilled to have Apex Order Pickup Solutions join us as the inaugural technology integration,” states Jack Carrere, Prokeep Co-Founder. “Prokeep’s mission is to streamline the entire spectrum of today’s distributor communications into one, easy-to-use workplace.”

Connect your systems

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