The Future of Distribution Technology

Prokeep supercharges your workflow by combining communication channels and customer intelligence into one centralized, easily accessible dashboard. 


Leading distributors trust Prokeep to future-proof their business

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All your channels. At your fingertips.

Prokeep connects text, email, and fax to one business-owned account that can be accessed right from your counter computer. Send emails, images, promotions, and more to your customer's mobile phone with just the press of a button, — empowering more sales and instant service.

Better Customer Data. Better Sales Enablement.

Have full visibility into your customer experience from start to finish, and leverage this data to make the right decisions for your business. With customer text, email, webchat, payment records, and contact information all stored in one secure space, you can better tailor your service and be the solution your customers need. 


Easier Access. Easier Collaboration.

With full insight into customer data and conversation history, Prokeep makes working together easier than ever before. Gone are the days of serving customers with no context because they usually work with someone else – scroll through past interactions and see how you can help. And if you’re not best suited to answer — in just one moment, you can transfer the thread to someone who is.

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