The most user-friendly text messaging solution for distributors.

Prokeep is an easy-to-use, ever-improving messaging platform built exclusively for – and by – distributors, and supported by a team focused on our customers’ success. Prokeep helps you streamline your customer communications in a way that keeps your customer relationships - and your business - growing.

Get started

On-the-spot messaging

Get and keep a job moving by allowing your customers to send you messages while they’re on-site. No more phone tag, hold times or phone outages to stand in the way of your “business-as-usual.”

Image and file exchange

Take the guesswork and inaccuracies out of order details or part info by exchanging pics, PDFs, and other files with customers instead of describing it.

Multi-user management

Enlist multiple people to contribute to any conversation so that you involve all parties required to meet customers’ needs.

Quick and easy startup

As a cloud-based app with no software to install, you’ll have Prokeep working in minutes and be texting with customers in no time!

Free training and support

Our U.S. based support team will get you up-and-running, then be standing by to field any questions or issues thereafter.

Desktop notifications

See a message as soon as it comes in so you can respond instantly and ensure speedy service that makes customers love you.

Searchable conversation history

Track and refer back to all the evolving details of a job to confirm details such as serial number, model number, pricing or other final decisions.

Efficiency reporting

See stats like total number of conversations, average response times, and other metrics to quantify your team and customer service.

Easy to use for non-techies

No fancy bells or whistles. Prokeep keeps it simple with an intuitive interface and practical features tailored for distributors.

Customer-feedback driven

Our evolving feature set is a direct result and reflection of what our customers tell us they need to improve their day-to-day.

High Performance

99.95% Uptime

Prokeep delivers text messages even when your phone lines are down.


No software to download, no updates to install. Prokeep is a cloud-based web app that can move with you to any machine.


Prokeep exchanges more than half a million messages per month. That’s hundreds of thousands orders placed, inventory confirmations and customers just saying hi.

Quick Time to Value

When you start with Prokeep, customers are just a click away. We’ll show you the key functionality then you’re on your way to communicating with customers the way they prefer. Easy.


Receive orders and send quotes to your customers. If they have product questions, exchanging picture messages are easy with drag-and-drop functionality.


Reach out to customers via text to let them know about specials or events you’re hosting. Text messages have an open rate of 98% so you’re more than likely going to be heard.


Get your team off their personal phones and create a more consistent customer experience while monitoring reports to understand how many conversations your team is having with customers, how long it takes them to respond to inbound texts, and other metrics to show you how efficiently your team is serving customers.

“Prokeep saves time and has been a hit with our contractors … A picture says a thousand words. Prokeep saves a thousand calls.”
Michael Francescutti, Director of Business Development, Young Supply Co.

Easy-to-use Features

Add teammates

When your team expands or your messaging needs change you can add more users to your Prokeep with just a few clicks.

Custom replies

Use custom replies to help you keep the conversation going with a click of the mouse.

Read receipts

No more “did you get that?” Customers will know that their messages have been received by your branch, and when your sales rep is on the conversation.

Away messages

Keep your customers up to date by letting them know that your response time may be delayed for holidays or weekends.

User permissions

Give important people the access they need to ensure everyone is operating at maximum efficiency.

Add customers

After a quick file import, you can start texting your customers in seconds.